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Jane and Josh

“I just wanted to thank you for your extraordinary care, attention to all things big and small, effort, knowledge and creativity in helping me prepare, renovate, decorate and stage the house I grew up in for resale. It was a very emotionally difficult process for me and you held my hand all along the way. You gently advised and guided me through the process, offering sage and solid advice. But, you went above and beyond the call: you met contractors, followed up on details, and even cleaned and shlepped when necessary. You were there from “the sublime to the ridiculous” and took the “ridiculous to the sublime.”

In the end, with your help, the house that I grew up in, that had been in my life for 47 years was repaired, renovated and looked better than ever! The house sold quickly to a lovely young family for a very fair price. So, the house and I could live “happily ever after!”

Thank you so much for making a nightmare become a dream come true!

XO “