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Annette and Gregg

“Thank you so much for the great advice you gave us during the process of finding a new home. We first met through an online request to view a house in White Plains and you gave us good counsel right from the start. When we saw the house we loved it, but you had the experience and insight to keep us grounded. You helped us to understand both the beauty and the flaws of that home in a most objective way, which is priceless for a buyer. You could have just pushed it along for the commission but you didn’t. You genuinely cared and we very much appreciate that.

As we continued to work with you, you pointed us in a direction we never thought of and closed on our new home last fall. We are delighted with the choice and through it all you gave expert advice, were extremely responsive to both parties and made it a pleasure to get through the buying process. Your knowledge of the market and assessment of our needs was spot on. Thank you!!”