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Living Green

Celebrate the Health of Future Generations.

Going Green is about living a non-toxic, healthful lifestyle and ultimately protecting the environment for future generations.  These past few years have transformed the way we look at our environment. For the first time a large part of the country is becoming curious and anxious about their carbon footprint; the consequences of their behavior and lifestyle choices. Being green has become a worldwide fight to save our planet and maintain a healthy environment for the generations to follow us.

Green living creates homes that perform at optimum efficiency with reduced environmental impact.  "A typical American single family home is responsible for more than 11 metric tons of carbon-dioxide emissions every year through its energy use.  You would need to plant more than 250 tree seedlings and let them grow for 10 years to absorb that much Carbon Dioxide."

– Source: "Electricity Consumption By End Use In U.S. Households, 2001" Energy Information Administration, U.S. Department of Energy 

There is an eco-friendly version of almost every product available, from paper products to vehicles to power sources, as well as several housing materials and structural options. Don’t let the number of possibilities overwhelm you. A few small changes can lead to big savings and your real estate agent, hardware store clerk, contractor or architect can provide guidance through the renovation or building process.

It’s important to start considering integrating Green products into your life as it will save you money but also increase the value of your home.  Many buyers appreciate energy-saving renovations, it means they don’t have to make those changes and their monthly bills will be smaller.  

Below are a few resources to help guide you through making smart changes in your lifestyle.  


The Green Guide is a service created by National Geographic that provides weekly tips, home remodeling ideas, quizzes and general news for how each of us can enjoy greener homes and workplaces.  They also offer a weekly email newsletter subscription to keep you up to date. 

Energy Savers is a government-run website that provides citizens with resources to save energy and money with their homes, businesses, vehicles and even industrial plants. 

The U.S. Department of Energy is another government-run website created to guide consumers on saving energy.  The site touches on various products from home appliances to home insulation.