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“Death in the family can make selling a house especially trying. Gerry Angel’s experience and professionalism smoothed the way at every turn. Not only did Gerry help me ascertain what improvements needed to be made in order to get the best price, she had what seemed like an entire troop of professionals she could call on to perform the work expeditiously and at a reasonable cost. Even better, I needed to deal only with Gerry instead of a host of individual plumbers and carpenters and painters.

When it came to entertain offers, Gerry proved herself a skilled negotiator. I am convinced I received the best offer with the minimal effort and expenditure on my part. Did we run into a few setbacks? Sure. But thanks to Gerry they were inconsequential. It’s unlikely I’ll have another house to sell in anywhere in New York State; but if i did, I would turn to Gerry without hesitation. “